Technology Tips

Technology Tips For Teletherapy Sessions

These technical tips are offered in addition to the “Consent For Telehealth Sessions” , which will be supplied to you by email or client portal prior to your first session.

  1. Select a comfortable and private location with
    • Strong Wi-Fi or internet signal access,
    • Minimal background noise, and
    • Good lighting for your face (without any bright lighting behind your head such as lamps, sun-lit windows, etc.).
  2. If you are using a tablet or mobile phone, prop it on a firm surface, preferably at your eye level (to avoid staring down).
  3. If you are using a computer or PC, close any open tabs on your browser to improve picture and audio quality, especially applications that might control your webcam or audio output.
  4. When you click on the video hyperlink which I will send via email, be sure to select the buttons that grant access to video and audio and switch on your device’s video camera. You will “enter” a virtual waiting room, and I will be notified you are ready to join the session.
  5. Consider using a headset or earbuds so that other people in your living quarters will not hear what your therapist is saying. If you wish to limit what other people hear from your side of the conversation, consider locating to a more private room or area of your living quarters.
  6. If another person is joining you in the session (i.e. for couples therapy), try to sit close together and adjust the device /web-camera angle so that your both of your faces are visible.
  7. If our video session is interrupted or impaired by technical difficulties (e.g. audio or video stops or does not synchronize), try pressing the refresh button on your browser or ending the call and then signing back in to start a new call.
  8. If we continue losing the ability to communicate via audio or chat-box (lower icon on your screen), one of us can call or text the other by cell phone. Then we might continue the session using cell phone for audio and a video platform for visual only. My direct cell phone is 443-844-0592 for voice and text contact.

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