Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling

photo-1470320691330-ae8e9288fb77You and your fiancé may have made the decision to “tie the knot,” and have started the whirlwind process of wedding planning with the associated details of guest lists, budget, venues, attire, food, officiant, etc. As you work through decisions about wedding day details and costs, be sure to add pre-marital counseling to your list. Much more than other wedding preparation tasks, pre-marital counseling is an investment (not another expense} in building the foundation for a fulfilling, effective, and enduring relationship.

You and your significant other might be in another situation, the uncertain “pre-engagement” stage, more aware of some relationship challenges such as communication and personality styles, or unresolved issues in your respective histories. To learn about how potential obstacles can be turned into opportunities for growth, and making important life decisions, the same steps and resources associated with a pre-marital counseling process can be modified to fit your personal needs and goals.

Whatever the stage of your relationship with your prospective life partner, you can benefit from couples/relationship counseling services from a licensed professional counselor. This can help you both objectively assess the dynamics of your relationship, understand important features of style and developmental history, and learn new ways to resolve differences and build on the core strengths of your relationship with each other.

Robert Castle is trained to use the Prepare/Enrich assessment tool, the Myers-Briggs temperament assessments, and IMAGO communication techniques for couples. Use the Contact form to schedule an initial phone call, and discuss how you and your fiancé/partner can obtain these types of services from Collaborative Counseling.

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