Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling


You might feel that something is not quite right inside you, a nagging sense of being “ill-at-ease” and “out-of-sorts”. You might be unusually saddened, irritated or angered by people and conditions around you, or notice an absence of emotional energy with fewer real sensations of happiness, pleasure, anxiety or even sadness compared to other periods of your life. You might have survived significant trauma in your child hood or adult past, believed that you have adequately “dealt with all that stuff,” and yet be experiencing strange surges of emotion or sensations in response to circumstances that never used to affect you.

People who are close to you might be oblivious to your inner state, or they might have expressed concern and suggested you seek help. You also might be reluctant to seek out professional help, opting to handle matters your own way, and perhaps seeking some kind of relief for your distress through over indulgence in substances (food, drugs, alcohol) or distracting activities (work, career, relationships, rescuing others, etc.)

If you are dealing with any of these signs of internal distress, you could benefit from consulting with a professional counselor to learn if and how you might experience insight, relief, and overall emotional wellness through individual counseling.

My approach to counseling and psychotherapy is interactive and strengths-based, starting with cognitive (thought-based) or behavioral coping skills, then raising awareness of family of origin themes and resolving any impact of past trauma to activate more enduring progress and personal growth.

Use the Contact form to schedule an initial phone or video call, and we can discuss how your particular needs might be addressed by my professional counseling services.

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