Board-Approved Supervision Services

Board-Approved Clinical Supervision For LGPCs

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You have (finally!) finished your M.S. in counseling degree and obtained your LGPC license. In order to work as graduate professional counselor and acquire the hours needed for full licensure in Maryland, you will need at least 100 hours of approved clinical supervision along with your clinical contact hours. You might obtain this supervision within the agency or practice where you work, from an externally based LCPC-BAS (Board-Approved Supervisor), or some combination of both.

Assisting LGPCs through clinical supervision is particularly gratifying for me, having both sponsored and personally benefited greatly from mentoring during all phases of my career odyssey in the arenas of human resource management, professional development programs and clinical services.

I am certified as a Board-Approved Supervisor by the Maryland BOPCT with a scope of supervision that includes treating adults, families, and couples. Formal sessions are generally conducted by video call, with ongoing consultation and periodic office-based sessions as needed. I look forward to discussing how my background and services might address your career development goals and clinical supervision needs. You can use the Contact form to schedule our initial phone call or video meeting.

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