Couples, Marital, & Family Counseling

Couples, Marital & Family Counseling

We are all relational beings, living in connection to interpersonal and dynamic emotional systems. How we interact with our most significant others (partner, spouse, children, parents, etc.) can sometimes lapse into unpleasant patterns and powerful undercurrents of action-reaction, negative group-think, and counter-productive communication methods. Restoring and sustaining a sense of effective functioning, wellness and harmony (shalom) within relationships can be aided by engaging the services of a professional counselor with a family systems approach.

Robert Castle uses his skills and training to help intimate partners and family members learn and practice better ways to empathize, communicate, resolve conflicts, and collaborate with each other. He strives to maintain a neutral, balanced perspective, serving as consultant, coach, advisor or therapist to help a couple, or family, reach their goals. With couples, he facilitates an understanding of how family of origin experiences influence adult relationships and helps the couple practice IMAGO techniques to experience more restorative dialogues.

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