Teletherapy can provide you with easy access to licensed counseling services, resolving many obstacles of timing and physical distance.

Collaborative Counseling, LLC is currently accepting new clients who reside anywhere in Maryland for mental health, couples and career counseling services. 

Individual Counseling

If you are dealing with signs or symptoms of internal distress, you could benefit from consulting with a professional counselor. Read More

Couples, Marital, & Family Counseling

We are all relational beings, living in connection to interpersonal and dynamic emotional systems. Read More

Premarital Counseling

You and your fiancé may have made the decision to “tie the knot,” and are now in the midst of planning your future together. As you work through all the decisions and preparations... Read More

Career Counseling

photo-1476981789336-1bdf6e3a6528Are you managing your career path or being controlled by the circumstances of your job? You might be feeling burned-out, bored, or over-whelmed by your current employment, perhaps under-employed without personal growth...
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Approved Clinical Supervision

Pilots in the plane cockpit and tropical island

You have (finally!) finished your M.S. in counseling degree and obtained your LGPC license. In order to work as graduate professional counselor you will need... Read More

Training & Organizational Development


As an owner or principal manager of a company or organization, you are acutely aware of how the success of your operation depends on the attitudes, competency, and effective functioning of your team. Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in my first counseling session?

The primary purpose of your first session is to discuss and clarify your goals for improving the areas of your life you are seeking help with, along with understanding aspects of your personal history that are relevant to your goals.  Read more

What forms will I need to complete as a new client?

After scheduling your first appointment, you will be provided with several intake forms through an email link to a secure client portal. This will include an Informed Consent, a HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices, and Practice Policies. These are similar to...

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Can I use my health insurance to cover counseling services at this practice?

Yes you can, under certain conditions. While we are not equipped to accept your insurance benefits directly, we can provide you with a "Super Bill" type receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement under your mental health benefits.

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Helping Professional Counselors Find & Provide Clinical Supervision

It can seem like a long journey from securing a graduate level counseling license (LGPC or LGSW) to becoming an independent …

Meaningful Personal Growth Is Possible

Personal growth is possible, and can sometimes even be enhanced, in the midst of all types of personal stressors and challenges …